In most cases when a homeowner intends to do their own tree work they are putting themselves in danger and anyone who is helping them.

Professionals are using specialized climbing gear and ropes to secure themselves in the tree and are usually cutting branches below them so they fall without hitting the climber.

A homeowner may use a ladder to reach certain areas of the tree leaving the homeowner unsecured. The cut and hope method I like to call it, homeowners are unfamiliar with how the branch will fall after it is cut. In many cases it swings into the ladder and can cause the homeowner to fall.



Ever hear this saying –
Some knowledge is more dangerous then no knowledge at all

No matter how much you read on a do it yourself project, there is always a learning curve.
When it comes to dangerous jobs, the learning curve isn’t time redoing a step it’s a trip to the emergency room!

The most important factor you should consider is disposal.
You may not be saving any money if you need to hire someone.
I’ve told many people in that situation after viewing what needs to be chipped I could have done the whole job and still charged them the same or close to it.

Most fixed costs are incorporated in the first hours of a job

Why should I pay you to do tree work when I can do it myself?