At ECO Tree Service, Inc we offer three different options when it comes to tree removal.

Your options are as followed:

  • Complete tree removal includes removal of all parts of the tree off the property and leave yard debris free. – Benefits for this option is the homeowner will not be involved in the entire process.  Cons – this is the most expensive option.
  • To leave wood behind – all wood 3 inches in diameter and larger will be left behind. All wood with a diameter of 12 inches or larger can be cut into approximate lengths of 18 inches.   Benefits for this option homeowners that are already using wood to heat their homes can process the wood and have seasoned wood for the following year or give it away to someone who heats with wood.  Homeowners will save money.  The amount saved will vary, inquire for more details.   Cons – homeowner is responsible for splitting and stacking of the wood and processing it or making arrangements for removal.
  • Drop only – the complete tree brought down, and all parts of the tree will remain on the property.  Benefits to this option it is the least costly of the 3 options but will require the most involvement from the homeowner.  Cons – homeowners can become overwhelmed with the cleanup process.

If you chose option 2 or 3 and realize you now need a complete tree removal job, just contact us to discuss options.  Please keep in mind, quotes will reflect the work that needs to be done.

Visit our coupon page to view current offers.  These offers are geared to guarantee that homeowners receive the lowest quote possible and still be utilizing a company that is fully insured and has been in business for over 20 years and is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. 

No matter what option you choose, ECO Tree Service, Inc will:

  • Use advanced techniques and highly trained personnel.
  • Newly updated trucks and equipment.
  • Customer first attitude.

As a small business, in order to grow and succeed customer satisfaction is crucial to establish a customer base. We rely on word of mouth from previously satisfied customer that will, in turn, recommend us to their friends and neighbors. 

We also encourage you to visit Google and Angie’s List to read what your friends and neighbors are saying about my company.  Our reviews will show that we have been satisfying our customers for years and will do so years to come.