Specializing in Tree and lawn Services


At an early age Anthony showed qualities needed to become an entrepreneur. He was too young to know what an entrepreneur was, but what he did know, growing up in a one parent household, was that money was scarce. With some thought & on his own initiative, he bought candy in bulk & went selling door-to-door. He improved on his selling techniques, when he began selling subscriptions to the globe times in his late teens. He also worked at his family’s restaurant.

It wasn’t too long before Anthony realized that the restaurant business was too demanding. He began thinking of other means to make money. He was enrolled at the community college so; he needed something that would accommodate his college schedule.

His neighbor who owned a lawn service encouraged him to put an ad in the business directory in the morning call, offering lawn services to homeowners. Compared to the restaurant’s hours & pay, it did not take him long to learn that he could earn more & work less completing lawn services, with only a few lawn accounts. Eventually, he phased out the restaurant job & focused on lawn services, which eventually grew to twenty-five accounts.

After finishing his associates’ degree at the local community college, Anthony would have an important decision to make, would he continue his education or focus on different lawn services. He decided to take his future in his own hands & decided to pursue his business, with the thought that he could always return to college, if he chose too.

Anthony would soon offer yard services, as well as, lawn services. On occasion he would get a request for tree work. Unlike the lawn services, the tree industry would need a substantial investment including: specialized equipment & highly trained personal. Eventually, Anthony found someone with the training necessary to perform tree work & he began accepting tree jobs.

As he saw his requests for tree work increasing, he changed the primary focus of his business to tree work. In order for this change to become a reality, Anthony took out loans to purchase the equipment needed & also placed an ad in the phonebook to maximize the exposure of his ECO TREE SERVICE Business.

This was an exciting & scary time for him. He had huge financial obligations that he needed to address & crewmembers that relied on his expertise for their livelihood.

Anthony attributes the success of his ECO TREE SERVICE Business to the following:

  • The homeowner is the ‘Boss’ of the business owner.
  • The business owner is the ‘Boss’ of his employees.
  • In each scenario, the owner can choose another company or another person to employ.
  • When the ‘Boss’ is kept happy, we ALL keep working!


Each call that comes into ECO Tree Service is call forwarded to the owner. If he is unable to answer, please leave a message. All calls will be returned with-in 24 hours & most likely the same day.



When a job is able to be started, at the discretion of our company, you will be given special consideration. Everything will always be completed in a timely manner. If interested inquire for full details!